Clapham Neighbourhood Plan

Our Neighbourhood Development Plan was drawn up in close consultation with the residents of Clapham Parish, as well as all other interested organisations, and amended in the light of comments from an external Examiner and from South Downs. 

On 24th March 2016, the final version of the Plan was accepted by an overwhelming majority in a Referendum of all Parish residents.  125 people voted - 56.05% of the total Electoral Roll (the highest turnout seen to date by the Arun team!).  Of these, 118 (94.4%) voted in favour and just 7 (5.6%) against

Referendum result [Referendum_result [pdf] 600KB]

The Plan was formally 'made' by SDNPA at their meeting on 12 May 2016.

This means that the Plan will now guide South Downs in their response to all planning applications in the Parish; the Parish Council (and, we hope, any residents who decide to respond to individual planning applications) will now make explicit reference to all the relevant policies.  The policies are summarised below for convenient reference.

Clapham Neighbourhood Development Plan Policies [CNDP_Policies [pdf] 78KB]

Final version of Plan [CNDP_Final_Dec2015 [pdf] 2MB]