Evidence and Documents

The adopted Plan - Clapham Neighbourhood Development Plan

Strategic Environmental Assessment 

Basic Conditions Statement

Consultation Statement

Examiners Report

What we changed as a result of the report

Evidence Base

Reg 16 Consultation

Summary of responses

Response from SDNPA


Terms of reference

Designated Area Map

Historic England Scoping Opinion

Natural England Scoping Opinion

Environment and Sustainability

Survey Results

Old Flint and Brick Walls maps Walls 1, Walls 2, Walls 3, Walls 4 - Policy ES8

Open Access Area Map for Clapham Woods - Policy ES6

Clapham Conservation Area Map - Policy ES5

Clapham Conservation Area Description

Scheduled Ancient Woodland Map - Policy ES2

Flooding Report 2012 - Policy ES1

Scheduled Ancient Monument

Listed Building Descriptions

Listed Buildings Map 

Buildings or Structures of Character -Policy ES4

Old and new images of the Parish

Tree Preservation Order Map - Policy ES2

Community Profile

Getting Around

Survey Results

Public Rights of Way Map

Housing and Design

ADC Allocations Scheme - Policy HD9

Development Sites - Policy HD5

Lorries queuing to access Travis Perkins and WSCC sites

Landfill Map

Gas Monitoring Positions Map

Clay Pit Waste Area Map

Survey Results

Community Facilities and Wellbeing

Survey Results - Policy CFW1

ADC Play Strategy - Policy CFW2

Local Green Space Map - Policy CFW4

Local Green Space Supporting Evidence - Policy CFW4

Assets of Community Value - Policy CFW3

Church of St Mary the Virgin

Business and Tourism


Employment sites - Policy BT1

Survey Results

Related Topics

Neighbourhood Plan