Annual Parish Meeting

The parish meeting, held once a year, consists of the local government electors of the parish. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss parish affairs. A 'parish affair' could be any local issue, activity, or subject matter which specifically affects a particular parish and which a parish meeting may wish to discuss, debate and potentially influence. It would not be anything which may affect all parishes in the country equally.

Parish meetings are an effective mechanism for the parish council to engage with the local electorate. Even if the parish council disagrees with the issues raised, or related arguments, the council members’ attendance and involvement in the parish meeting demonstrates that the council is prepared to take account of local residents’ views.

Date Agenda Minutes
17th May 2018 parish_meeting_agenda_18 [pdf] 47Kb draft_minutes_for_Annual__Parish_meeting_18 [pdf] 72Kb
25th May 2017 CPC_Annual_Parish_meeting_2017_DRAFT [pdf] 40Kb
9th March 2017 CPC_Annual_Parish_meeting_2017_DRAFT [pdf] 40Kb
3rd March 2016 Minutes_of_the_Clapham_Parish_Meeting_3rd_March_2016___corrected [pdf] 59Kb
26th March 2015 Draft_minutes_Parish_meeting_March2015 [pdf] 3094Kb
28th March 2019 parish meeting agenda 19 [pdf] 49Kb