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The Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities – December 2014 - Requires Annual Publication no later than 1 July in the year immediately following the accounting year to which it relates of all items of expenditure above £100.  List of expenditure

Change to Statutory Audit Deadlines for 2019.20

Authorities must publish the dates of their public inspection period, although please note the removal of the usual 'common inspection period' (the first ten working days of July) and extension of the overall deadlines for this year.
The public inspection period would usually commence 3 June 2020, although the publication dates may depart from normal practice for 2019/20 accounts.
The inspection period must commence no later than Tuesday 1 September 2020, which means that the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) must be approved and published on a freely accessible website no later than Monday 31 August. Annual Return


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Bank Reconciliation March 2019

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Annual Governance Statement

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Bank Reconciliation March 2018

Cerificate of Exemption

Internal Audit Report

Notice of Public Rights